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Many of our products start with a brilliant idea form somebody, somewhere. But with no knowledge how to build it. That’s how Protoservis started in 2006: building prototypes and helping people to materialise their ideas. Ideas that bring a solution to a problem you didn’t know it existed.
Some of these ideas end up as photo rucksack for MrJan Gear, some of them end up as professional harnesses for Gear Industries. Many of them will never show any sign of the hands of Protoservis except the quality and effort we put in these OEM products.
Sounds great? Get on board and share your thoughts!

Protoservis is the parent company for following branded products:

Gear Industries

Outdoor and working at high products, from slings, harnesses to bags for carrying your gear.

MrJan Gear

Innovative products for the nature photographer’s world.


Protoservis OEM

Offers an OEM service for products and brands.

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